"My 45 Minute Survey"

Name : Dania Amani..*ngee*
Full Name : Nurul Asniza Mohd Ashri (ikut kad pengenalan ni . haha)
Siblings : 4 only
Eye colour : Brown kot (tak pernah pula aku tilik mata aku nie. eheh )
Shoe size : 7/9- 38/40 (saiz kasut memang tak menentu bukan?)
Hair : I'm sorry! This is my privacy thing. Next! huhu
Height : 165cm. huhu. (rendah Tinggi gk aku ini..=P)
What are you wearing right now : Singlet Baju n skirt =D
Where do you live : Felda wilayah sahabat
Favourite number : 25 (aku jujur okae sbb it was a sentimental no 4 me!)
Favourite drink : Semua! except air setan tu.huhu.
Favourite month : Haha ! soalan pelik ! tak nak jawab !
Favourite breakfast : Jarang breakfastlah.. maaf yaaa.. (nanti sakit perut! -_-")

= Have you ever =
Broken a bone : never
Been in a police car : Belum pernah lagi. hehe
Fallen for a friend : Blurr -_-"
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Blurr jugak -_-"
Swam in an ocean : Merepeklah!
Broken someone's heart : oh! xpenah b'laku..haha..org yg buat kt aku adala..hahah
Cried when someone died : Yes..huhu
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : For now,nope. never happen myb..huhu
Saved e-mail : Yang penting jaaa..yg xda kena mengena ngn hdup aku,delete!! haha
Been cheated on : Astagfirullahalazim!

= What =
Your room look like : Like fairy tales..haha-_-"
What is right beside you : table -_-"
What is the last thing u ate : Nothing. hehe

= Ever had =
Chicken pox : Yes,masa darjah 2. hehe.
Sore throat : Yes.
Stitches : Yes! kesannya masih ada sampai sekarang :)
Broken nose : No

= Do you =
Believe in love at first sight : Jarang berlaku,tapi blum jd kat aku kot..hahaa
Like picnic : Like? Dah lama aku tak ber'picnic' so aku tak tahu like or unlike.

= Who =
Who did you last yell at : My friend
Who was the last person you danced with : Never have this experience but only with my husband,haha
Who last made you smile : none.

= Final Question =
What are you listening to right now? : pelamin angan ku musnah-azie
What did you do today? : Jaga adeq2 kt umh,parents g jln.
Are you the oldest? : Of course no!
Indoor or Outdoor? : Dodol. haha

= Today did you =
Talk to someone you like? : none.
Kiss anyone? : Kiss my mom's hand. hehe
Sing? : yes :)
Talk to ex? : nope n never.
Miss someone? : guess it la. but,of coz..hehe
Eat? : Not yet for dinner.

= Last person who =
You talked to the phone? : My friens,Niena.
Made you cry? : adalaa...huhu :(
Went to the movies with? : My love.
You went to the mall with? : My gurls
Who cheered you up? : Person around me.

= Have you =
Been to Mexico? : No yet
Been to USA? : No yet

= Random =
Have a crush on someone? : Blur -_-"
What books are you reading right now? : novel. haha
Best feeling in the world? : Disayangi,di manja n di cintai
Future kids name? : Dania or syifaa??haha... Tak terfikir lagi,nanti aku bincang dengan my love a.k.a bakal suami.. haha
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : No.
What's under your bed? : Lantai (floor)
Favourite sport(s)? :sprint..haha..ps2
Favourite place? : Paris...huhu..nk sgt g sana..haha
Who do you really hate? : Pembelot,penipu.. lalala.. and perampas! haha
Do you have a job? : Still in status as a Student
What time is right now? : 4.44pm

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notakakikudis= anyone read this are autamatically tagged ok!! who?
yes u dear!!! haha


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